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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  March 1, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PST

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ne to his head has declared war to the white house and lost it. it was president obama's idea to come up with a sequester that has been proven wrong. then he complained that he had been threatened with revenge by white house aid jeangene spurling which woodward said you will regret this. in his e-mail he apologizes for raising his voice, tells woodward what a good friend he is and says maybe he better rethink his strategy because some day he might regret having written it. >> that's not a threat. >> that's a love note. remember what harry truman said bob woodward if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. all right, folks. what a great week. have a great weekend. the sequester is here. hope you survive it. come back and see us again on monday. have a good one. >> this is "the bill press show."
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, current tv you know jacki schechner every day is magic for me. >> what do you have? >> stephanie: somebody sent me a crewela devil doll and reba mcentire is on the show. [ applause ] >> stephanie: so today's show will be a puppet show. and also reba mcentire >> that's exciting isn't her new show with lily tomlin. >> stephanie: yes, friend of the "stephanie miller show." >> i was going to say
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>> stephanie: and of course crewela. this is what my life has come to. here is jacki schechner with a real job in the current news. >> good morning, everybody. it is sequestration day. the president and vice president will meet with senator at the white house. the president has to sign an order by 11:59 tonight, and jay carney says he will do that in private. don't expect any sort of last-minute deals to emerge because congress is out of town for the weekend. the office of management and budget sends congress the details of the cuts that have to be made. nothing is spared. cnn reports we are looking at about 13% for defense cuts and 9% for non-defense. the leeway the federal agencies
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have is how they hope to implement these cuts. and the romneys have sat down for their first interview since the election. they sat down with chris wallace from fox for a segment that will air on sunday. mitt romney compared running for president as being on a roller coaster. ann credited her mormonism to help transition back into norm alive. the prerelease comes across a bit condescending. going from somebody's to nobody's now that they are not in the spotlight anymore. we'll have to hear the context bout of context, it sounds a bit strange. we're back with more show after the break. sway with us. ♪ ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: happy sequestration day, everybody. six minutes after the hour. sequestration kicks in today, somebody sent me a cruela devil doll.
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actually this is a january brewer doll. [ applause ] >> stephanie: wow, okay -- >> fun wow! >> stephanie: fun woe! we have got puppets for the kids. >> fun wow! ♪ >> stephanie: this has what has become of my life. >> oh. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: also, we have representative mark takano on the big show today, newest gay member of congress. >> that's right. >> stephanie: huge, huge, jim, the president coming out in favorite of marriage equality -- >> huge! >> stephanie: right. they are up to 131? >> i think so. >> stephanie: urging an amcus brief. friend of the court brief. but not in a gay way. hey look at this from the l.a.
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times. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: hi, jim, good morning, how are you? >> well, i didn't drink last night, and i slept much better. >> stephanie: wow. day two of me drinking a lot less. that went well. [ applause ] >> how much less? >> stephanie: two glasses. >> what were you at before? >> stephanie: listen, is my version. i am your higher power, just hush. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: how is your table by the way that you broke two nights ago? >> i fixed it. unfortunately i discovered some other damage this morning. >> stephanie: oh, dear vodka makes jim angry. and you wouldn't like him angry. >> no. >> he turns into the hulk! >> hulk smash! >> stephanie: the inanimate objects in his house quiver when he drinks vodka.
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not me, next. coffee table is talking to the chair, you are getting it next bitch. >> run! run! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the onning jekt onning -- objects of the house are hiding the vodka. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: texas school staffer shot and wounded during a district-sponsored conceal weapon training class. [ applause ] >> stephanie: awesome. >> if only they had more guns. >> stephanie: right. that would be the answer there. [ sighs ] >> stephanie: i guess what passes for a hate letter for today. we might need to step it up people. >> okay. >> stephanie: you'll know how unintentionally hilarious this is. payroll from joel. joel writes stephanie, you seem
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intelligent, the pay must be great, because i cannot believe that you believe what you say on your program. [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh, joel, you are precious. i could make about a zillion dollars more if i decided i'm a right-winger. that's what i'm doing it for. the big bag of money. that the guy with the monocles delivers every week. kenny pick -- facebook is the source of all evil. it is eighth grade all over again. i'm going defriend you now. >> ermahgerd. >> look who i am viewing now. hah hah. how is 7th grade going for everybody? good! [ applause ] >> stephanie: even the tee baggers want to play.
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>> i'm so sick of facebook, all of these liberals are uses nuances of sex to substitute down all of my tea party talking points. what can i do? >> the first thing you are going to need to do is grow a pair. on face bagger you start conversations about things you care about. >> face bagger is something all together different. you just got people like us, and guns. >> politics, recipes, religion. >> the south will rise again just like my homemade bread and the baby jesus. >> the state of entertainment. >> with face back and bagger we can get together and make our own movie. >> we know all about your fragile and limited sensibilities, and your tired
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strawman arguments. that's why we developed a safe haven for you, face bagger. just sign up and pick a user name. >> john doe 1, john doe 2 -- >> john gulf 1 through 999999999 have already been taken. tell your kin folks face bagger, you only destination on the intertube [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you, kenny pick. that is fun wow. >> fun wow! >> stephanie: really? ♪ >> stephanie: you know, i did get something to wean me off of the screaming goats so i'm back to my fun wow. don't make me go to baby monkey because once you go to baby
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monkey -- social media, not kind as we know to michelle obama, the right-wing is -- we have talked about this, but there is a great piece on -- >> do you want it? >> stephanie: you know i don't want it. maybe i do. ♪ baby monkey baby monkey raiding on a pig baby monkey ♪ ♪ baby monkey baby monkey ♪ ♪ backwards on a pig baby monkey ♪ ♪ if you don't know what is right ♪ ♪ [ inaudible ] get on the pig and ride ♪ ♪ baby monkey baby monkey ♪ ♪ riding on a pig baby monkey ♪ >> stephanie: all right.
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come on. you know going back to xs never ends well -- >> is this like a clearinghouse for all of the old bits today >> stephanie: yes. >> everything must go! >> stephanie: it really is incredible -- michelle obama there is where the parallel universe. is she not gorgeous and smart and funny, and she makes them insane. not just the oscars but the [ inaudible ]. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: they are like what normal person doesn't think that is really cute and funny. anything she does makes them go insane. michelle obama puts her pants on one leg at a time. how dare she? [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> remember the bully in 8th grade, when they selected a target and no matter what the
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subject did the bully would mock them. that's what the right-wing is doing to michelle obama. >> yeah. >> stephanie: with conservatives and obama what is going on is painfully obvious. the more beautiful and poised she is the more they freak out on her. she did a funny video by doing the evolution of mom dancing, which is funny to every person in the country who has, is, or knows a mom. when she comes across as a genuine genuinely fun person and they
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said she should hide herself in shame. mrs. obama felt the need to up stage the oscars. >> laura bush -- oh wait a minute. >> george w. bush did it. fdr did it. >> yeah. >> stephanie: dear god, any way, oh, this was jennifer reubin she wrote it makes both the president and first lady seem small and grasping. it was down right weird. >> what was weird about it? >> stephanie: the publics like the obamas and likes seeing them around. they like that there are young kids again in the white house. they are beautiful little girls -- >> who do they think they are? >> stephanie: the first couple only serves to reinforce the
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suspicion that conservatives think the obamas don't count because of their race. everything from her as a gorilla to -- you name it right? >> yeah. >> stephanie: any day on rush limbaugh. >> and don't get them started on the bangs. >> stephanie: well, i'm not a fan of the bangs, but that is not important now. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: she is awesome. and i have never seen this. it's unprecedented isn't it? >> so you are a bangest. >> stephanie: right. i am bangist. [ giggling ] >> really? >> stephanie: really? happy sequestration day, everybody! >> announcer: i got her number off of the men's room stall, 1-800-steph-1-2.
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ don't be fizzy, just get dizzy, why so serious ♪ ♪ so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways all my underdogs ♪ ♪ we will never be never be anything but loud and knitty gritty ♪ >> stephanie: twenty-two minutes after the hour. is this like a road stop i'm going to be subjected to now -- pull over.
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>> on real housewives of beverly hills kim admitted that she used to go to starbucks get the coffee poor it out, and put in wine. >> stephanie: oh, kim. this is actually an emergency. >> all right. >> stephanie: do i have to take a breathalyzer now? you have installed one in the microphone haven't you. you blew a seven. >> what? >> stephanie: what? [ giggling ] >> you have been saying some alarmingly straight things lately. >> stephanie: i know it. the world has gone insane. let's go to sue in rockville. >> caller: good morning, everyone. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: as the official parenting specialist there is a
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rule in parenting which is you cannot have an tantrum without having an audience, so whining about -- >> stephanie: sue did you hear somebody was comparing it to weather gate that bob woodward got an email. and you saw what the emails were -- it was nothing. >> caller: the other thing is i think we give them a time-out until they calm down and i'm recommending a time-out until about 2020 after hilary's first term. [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: yeah, the president is over exposed! seriously? which is it? >> caller: it's the media fulfilling themselves. because people on the outside care if they can feed their
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families. >> stephanie: that's right. just in case you haven't heard this story -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: with all of the real people that will be hurt by these real cuts and this stupid sequestration, you know, brought to you by the republicans -- >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: white house staffer revealed threat. if you saw the actual emails it's ridiculous. it's just like watergreat. it turns out not to be what the press first made of it. woodward criticized president obama's handling of the sequestration. the official, quote unquote, yelled at me for about half an hour. he said the reporter would come to regret his writing on the sequester. and it clearly meant you would regret it because you would be
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proved wrong. not because we're going to burn down your house and kill your family. >> it was actually very friendly. >> stephanie: can i have festive music? >> sure. [ festive music ] >> stephanie: this is obama's economic advisor, he wrote i apologize for rising my -- like polite chipmunks -- this is the threat it's worse than water gate. i apologize for raising my voice. my bad. i do understand your problems with a couple of our statements in the fall, but i feel you focus on a few specific trees that prevents you from seeing the whole forrest. the requested was to force the
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sequester to go back to try a bigger grand bargain, even if there were serious disagreements was part of the dna thing from the start. woodward replies, you do not ever have to apologize to me if you believe your points. this is all part of a serious discussion. i for one welcome the heat. i am listening. oh, no, after you. >> after you. >> thank you. >> how dare you bastards. >> my take away is white house officials use the term my bad. >> stephanie: my bad. >> that's kind of cluesless. >> stephanie: right. 24/7 fox news [ explosion ] >> stephanie: white house threatens bob woodward. watergate. >> shocking, just look at this! oh, no, don't look at this. >> stephanie: yes, and the real
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story they are missing is the republicans are blowing up the country again! [ explosion ] >> and they are telling you it's not going to be so bad. >> unless we can blame obama for it, then it's going to be horrible. >> stephanie: charlotte in houston you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hey, stephanie. i watch you every morning. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i don't know why the republicans are willing to do away with -- let the country go back was because we have a black president. i think that's the -- you know the people voted in the end. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: he is doing a great job, and i just can't understand that. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. i don't -- and i'm not willing to say everything is racism but certainly, i just have never seen this in my lifetime of watching politics. >> caller: i have never either.
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>> stephanie: thanks for calling honey. by the way daily beast doing great stuff lately. it really is -- one by peter [ inaudible ] of "the daily beast," another one by michael thomasky. >> you want to date him. >> stephanie: what is going on? you know what i'm doing tonight? [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: i am having drinks with a handsome romantic man that i made out with in the past. >> really? wow! >> so you have been drinking lesbian wine all of this time -- >> stephanie: huh oh that's bad news before the supreme court, wine makes you gay. right back on the "stephanie miller show." it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan.
6:32 am
i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
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>> in case you didn't know -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- is the international symbol for party over here! >> stephanie: happy friday everybody. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. let's go to mike in phoenix. welcome. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i wanted to tell you, first off, i'm libertarian. i'm a big conservative kind of guy. i don't even think rush is conservative enough. and most of the time i totally disagree with you, even though i think you are one of the most attractive women i have ever seen. >> stephanie: thank you. [ giggling ] >> i do agree with the michelle
6:37 am
obama oscar thing. >> stephanie: thank you. why do they make such a big deal out of everything she does? >> caller: i have no idea. i mean it's -- i have to remind people, like on the woodward i have to remind people that wood sword a huge liberal, so why everyone wants to jump to his defense and claiming that the white house is threatening him, again, one of the very few things i have agreed with you on also. >> stephanie: mike let's just get married for god's sake. you are catching me on my straight cycle today. come on. look alive. [ applause ] >> grab that chance why you have that. >> so that's why you have been riding a guy cycle all of these years. >> i was telling my friend jeff with all of these straight characteristics she has been
6:38 am
exhibiting you might have a chance with her. >> stephanie: he is gay too, and we have a thing that we can't explain. [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> you are just mesmerized by his abs. >> stephanie: he carried me around in my pool half naked. >> and he laughed at your jokes. >> stephanie: what else do i need? listen, my hearing is not very good anyway i won't know where he has been or what is going on. what is that? you haven't been out cruising in the park again have you? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. i'm spiralling downward. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: sean hannity. >> bob woodward the man who wrote the definitive book on the sequester, and is now slamming president obama for the situation is reportedly now
6:39 am
being warned i will use the word threatened by the white house that he will regret his outspokenness. >> shut up. >> stephanie: actually the polite chipmunks are like really, you are kiss asses both of you. >> after you. >> oh, no you first. >> stephanie: bill o'reilly. >> there is budget chaos in washington that may result in some small automatic spending cuts. the federal government under president obama simply cannot get a responsible budget passed since the president was elected in 2008 this has happened every year. >> thanks to the republicans in congress. oops he left out that part. >> stephanie: i'm sure he said it next. chris just cut it off early. rush limbaugh >> the reason these people's lives are crumbling is not
6:40 am
because congress and the house with aren't getting along. it's because liberalism is winning. it's because obama is successful. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> wow. >> stephanie: oh, he is succeeding. rush limbaugh was hoping he would fail. it's because he is succeeding that people's lives are crumbling. >> stephanie: i did my job too well. dammit. >> it's that famous liberalism that is destroying the economy. >> stephanie: right. shock market at record high. >> yeah, minor details. >> mark levin does not care for eric cantor too much. >> really? >> stephanie: fight! fight! fight! >> i want you to hear what this new version of the violence
6:41 am
against women contains but cantor and the republicans are so scared of being -- [ screaming ] >> that they will do anything. this piece of crap law which has less to do with actual violence against women and more to do with massive social engineering by the federal government -- >> what? >> -- is going to be passed by your republican house of representative, sent to the president, signed into law, and eric cantor threatened the conservatives who stood up and said this is an abomination. i think we should conduct a levin search politely and tell the republicans in the house of representatives, it's name to step down. >> stephanie: i love mark levin. i have always loved with him. i agree with you mark after you. >> stephanie miller one of the
6:42 am
most popular and funny liberal radio hosts in the country -- >> stephanie: i love you mark levin. [♪ romantic music ♪] >> stephanie: and i love the sound of your voice. >> anyone who knows stephanie miller, and there aren't many know knows she has no audience -- >> stephanie: what it all started so well -- >> violence against women act. i'm going to punch the crap out of the bitch that came up with that one. >> stephanie: yeah, there was entirely too much protection in the violence against women act, you know, because it -- >> bitch. >> stephanie: -- covered bays and -- >> now it could be the violence against men act as well now that the gay marriage -- >> stephanie: yeah there might be entirely too many people
6:43 am
protected from violence, and we can't have that -- >> i'm just imagining kissing mark levin. >> oh, god! why would do you that. >> stephanie: jim, tony perkins. [♪ "psycho" scary music ♪] >> my name is alford hitchcock and that's the wrong tony perkins. >> stephanie: you have to keep reminding yourself it's not that tony perkins. family research radio thing. >> here is the irony, the democratic party and senators that supported hagel in spite of the fact that he has a record that is deplorable on israel comes from democratic senators who are mostly aligned with a lot of the jewish lobby here and enjoy the money coming from the jewish community. the jewish community seems to be
6:44 am
liberal, and supports democratic candidates, yet they work against the benefit of israel in many ways, and this is an example. >> so he is calling chuck hagel an anti semite while calling it -- >> stephanie: isn't that what chuck hagel got in trouble for in the first place calling it the jewish lobby. >> or if you use it as a verb instead of a noun. >> stephanie: right, i bet he has while negotiating -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: and then there's his theme song. ♪ >> stephanie: ja-he-sus, was the right kind of ja-hew.
6:45 am
>> the judao part of hanukkah. >> stephanie: road flair mary is going to call me any minute. show me a poor jew! [ applause ] >> jesus. >> stephanie: right, for one. miss you mary. pat robertson on the 700 club. >> i think my underwear may be inhabited by evil spirits. >> stephanie: he recently warned not to guy stuff from goodwill because there might be demons in the clothes. >> yeah. [ giggling ] >> we could have bobby jindal perform an exorcist -- >> stephanie: >> to speak the word to touch people's lives god is going to supply a million dollars -- somebody is praying right now -- right this second you are praying for a million dollars, and god has said i have heard your prayer i'm going to
6:46 am
supply the need that you have requested. it's done in jesus name. >> so god is an atm now. >> i wonder how much taxes he pays on god's million dollars. >> stephanie: god lottery. >> gene simmons makes a million dollars every time -- >> stephanie: he just sounds like a perv to me. >> yeah, he does. >> stephanie: all right. wow. >> what he was doing was not a leg press. >> stephanie: oh please muscle head. you are just a giant muscle with a mouth. >> well -- >> stephanie: chuck in santa fe you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: yeah i listened to what bob woodward said and it
6:47 am
seemed a little bit over the -- you know, the dramatic stuff was just -- you know bob woodward he is on his way out. i remember i was around for watergate. i was just starting in radio, and i admired him, i really did for the job he did. but now getting together with the republicans -- they love him now. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and i don't care for him. >> stephanie: isn't that something? seriously can you believe comparing these ridiculous polite stupid emails to watergate. ♪ a pocket full of lies ♪ >> that was a mort soul album. >> stephanie: wow, jim. thanks. that's old timemy radio. >> yeah. >> stephanie: forty-five minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the only place in america where descent is still
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allowed. it's the "stephanie miller show." >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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current tv is the place for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries...
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♪ ♪ if god had a name, what would it be -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ what if -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- was one of us just like a slob like one of us ♪ >> stephanie: hum. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. fifty minutes after the hour. dave in minneapolis, you sent the cruella deville doll. >> caller: i did, but i called it the jan brewer doll. >> stephanie: you did. you are a scampi little man.
6:53 am
>> caller: i am. i had to say something to chris he is into the self deprivation thing, kissing mark levin, really? >> yeah, i got to think of stephanie kissing her -- because they steamed be -- and i don't know where that went in my head. >> caller: wherever it went you should take a deter next time. >> stephanie: thank you for the doll, i appreciate it. >> caller: you are welcome, darling. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i love my dolly. >> by the way? >> stephanie: yes. >> we have something posted on your facebook. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> the march madness vatican edition, the sweet sisteen. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: yeah! [ applause ] >> stephanie: new pope pope classic. >> he's too pooped to pope.
6:54 am
>> yeah. cnn seems to be covering it a little too much. >> stephanie: yeah. lauren good morning. >> caller: good morning sexy liberal crew. i have been waiting up for your arrive to the city. >> stephanie: april 13th chicago theater. hurry. >> caller: that's right. i wanted to share with you, michelle obama is like the neighbor who like you invite her kids to your kids birthday party is because what you really want is for her to come out so you can hang out with her while the kids are playing. >> stephanie: she's the cool mom >> caller: yeah, and the kind of neighbor that you figure out for weeks what you are going to do break the ice with her? >> stephanie: yeah.
6:55 am
aisha tyler has gotten to hang out with michelle obama a lot. and she said she is as nice as she seems. >> caller: fortunately he he -- unfortunately she is the not going to be able to get back to shopping at target on saturday morning. that's over for her. >> stephanie: exactly. patty in missouri hello. >> caller: hello, steph. i wanted to tell you michelle was in springfield, missouri yesterday, and i hope she was buying some vegetables anyway she did a little talk about the vegetables and kids eating healthy and all of that and people were griping about the traffic. and i was talking with your -- the man that does your radio show -- >> stephanie: the mans than the
6:56 am
phone. yes. >> caller: yes, he says that people in california gripe too about the traffic, but i would think in missouri -- she is not back here this much and i would think that people would be stammering to go see her, and wouldn't be worried about traffic. >> stephanie: yeah, i know. >> caller: she is so helpful, and sweet and nice. >> stephanie: i know. i just love that she calls travis the man like i do. can the man bring the things in from the printer. >> yeah, travis is afraid -- >> stephanie: the man out there. >> travis is afraid i stole the beef cake title from him. >> stephanie: don't fight you are both pretty. the president. >> obama: it's conceivable that the first week, two weeks, three weeks, month a lot of people don't be affected by the
6:57 am
sequester. >> stephanie: yeah they will now blame the president of the tornado hit the red states because there is no warning system. jay carney. >> caller: this will be a rolling effect that will build and build and build. >> like a snowball rolling down a hill -- >> stephanie: rolling something -- >> what are you talking about? >> stephanie: i don't know! senator harry reid. >> congress should give true flexibility to close [ inaudible ] loopholes and flexibility to ask the richest of the rich to contribute a little bit more. instead they have completely become inflexible. >> stephanie: i'm about ready to tell them to kiss my posterior. >> i'm sorry you had to hear me like that.
6:58 am
>> stephanie: salty gentlemen. i have never worked in a brothel. senator patty murray. >> it wouldn't replace the massive cuts. it would lock them in. >> stephanie: the republicans keep putting forth ridiculous bills and then make it sown like something -- throw old people in a woodchiper bill. what is wrong with that? it's like, what? no. senator mitch [ inaudible ]. >> there's no reason to have -- we have known this was coming. why are we here? you know? why are we here at the 11th hour. no more 11th hour deals. >> he went a little david stockdale on us. >> why are we here. >> stephanie: at least john boehner is on all of the fashion issues. dress up you slobs!
6:59 am
he -- house speaker gave members a dressing down for not dressing up. you know who you are! ♪ nah nah, nah, nah ♪ >> stephanie: so he's on the really important issues. >> everything has to wear a pocket square. you don't have a tie -- a tie bar and a pocket square and your shoes will be shined. >> that's the most pressing thing for the house right now? >> stephanie: yeah. ♪ >> stephanie: i wonder if he did that neck thing -- oh, no you don't with those jones -- >> i saw mr. blackwell once worst dressed person i have ever seen. >> stephanie: yeah. >> he was dressed as a relic from 1972. old people -- they tend to hit an age, they think they look their best and then they stay
7:00 am
that way. >> powder blue leisure shirt. >> stephanie: i wore a blazer and jeans and i said i'm dressed like a produce from 1985. >> you wanted to be seen. >> stephanie: i was trying to seem important. okay. fifty-eight minutes -- >> i wore jeans and a t-shirt. >> stephanie: you just ware things that wake your muscles look even huger than they are. >> huh huh. >> stephanie: yeah. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, current tv land, hour number 2. reba mcentire, jacki, coming up this hour. >> exciting. but i have to ask did you just make a us in anchor blazer joke. >> stephanie: yes, i -- oops. were you listening? >> yeah, but i'm not wearing one. >> stephanie: okay. good. >> have you ever warn one? >> i had a whole closet full of them. there's some video of my news suit days that are frightening. >> stephanie: did you have one of those electronic -- where the suits went around your closet pink, yellow -- >> no but i did buy a lot of
7:03 am
colors i wouldn't wear in my real life. >> stephanie: right. >> and then i moved on from tv. i threw them all away. i got back into tv i had to guy some again, i got out of tv, and -- >> stephanie: someone is wearing your demon possessed goodwill suits. >> good morning. president obama now having to sign an order by midnight tonight that puts the indiscriminate budget cuts in place. the white house meeting is taking place right now, between the president, vice president, and congressional leadership, but it is not going to do anything to stop the cuts from going into effect. mitch mcconnell has said he will not agree to raise taxes. sequestration rolling out over the next seven months, so it's
7:04 am
tough to tell what impacts we're going to feel at what time. the "washington post" today is fact checking the claim that sequestration will impact meals on wheels and going to have to eliminate those meals. meals on wheels gets a third of its funding from the federal government. the white house claims they will have to serve 4 million fewer meals. the program estimates about 19 million. either way, these are just guesstimates, and they will have to use alternate funds from the states themselves to supplement the programs. and while the "washington post" claim the 4 million meals claim is two pinocchio worthy but any cut to seniors is not a good
7:05 am
thing. it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
7:06 am
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> this hour of the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by the mighty join them in a twitter chat tuesday march 5th to raise awareness of square are derma. go to the and treatment diaries information don't come. yes, it's that simple. >> stephanie: all right. six minutes after the hour.
7:09 am
1-800-steph-1-2. reba mcentire country singer extraordinary coming up this hour. you can email us all there, executive producer chris lavoie, voice deity jim ward, or me stephanie miller. sexy liberal, only three shows this year. there will be one west coast one in the fall and that's it for 2013. >> that's right. >> stephanie: this is a love letter about someone going. i screamed when i heard you were coming to chicago. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: texted my daughter at school, and promptly bought the tickets. i found your show look for a traffic update. well, that happens. if you want to know what is happening on the kennedy -- >> the paul ryan -- no the dan
7:10 am
ryan. >> stephanie: oh, god! [ buzzer ] >> the paul ryan expressway is a giant set of potholes. >> stephanie: it's like the street does not finish because they cut the funding. don't drive the bus that way! >> we're on the paul ryan expreeeeeeeeee! >> you're going the wrongway. >> stephanie: there was another movie they -- >> dr. strange love. >> stephanie: don't go that way, the road's not -- okay. where was i? >> i have no idea. >> stephanie: we should just go home. that was worth our paycheck right there. [ applause ] >> stephanie: okay. anyway my point is she found our
7:11 am
show looking for a traffic update -- >> okay. good. >> stephanie: i caught jim during a herman cain and then you and chris chimed in i was instantly hooked -- you don't contribute much, but anyway -- but more importantly my 16-year-old daughter was admitted to a mental health facility. i would listen in the car drinking coffee, and trying not to pee my pants. we both became great fans. happily my daughter is doing so much better. >> yay! >> and it is all thanks to us. >> stephanie: i think i cure people because people go my
7:12 am
life is bad, but wow! what a wreck! >> isn't that why people watch soap operas. >> stephanie: yes, i make people feel better. welcome to another -- >> as the stomach turns. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. welcome to another episode of she belongs in a general hospital. okay. she'll graduate high school and be going to college in the summer. yay! i'm proud of her interest in what is going on in this country and her world. we're counting down the days until april 13th. we truly know laughter is the best medicine. yay, hooray! [ applause ] >> stephanie: all righty then. speaking of infrastructure -- and the paul
7:13 am
ryan expressway -- [ screaming ] >> noooooo! >> stephanie: ray lahood. >> sequester will have a very serious impact on the transportation services that are critical to the travelling public and the nation's economy -- >> on the paul ryan expressway you have can only turn right. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: it's smart jokes. >> yeah. >> stephanie: thank you chat room. lots to get to. let's go to angie in alabama. >> caller: hi! >> stephanie: hi! >> caller: i love you guys. >> stephanie: i love you too. >> caller: i just wanted to make a quick comment about the voting right's act in alabama. i'm living in shelby county, alabama, and i want to say how embarrassed and ashamed i am.
7:14 am
and there are some good people here. >> stephanie: yeah, i cannot believe the reaction to justice scalia, can you? what did he call it a racial entitlement. >> caller: yeah, it was awful. >> stephanie: there were audible gasps. [ gasping ] >> exactly. >> stephanie: we're watching you during the prop 8 thing. [ gasping ] >> stephanie: i don't understand why the [ censor bleep ] needs special protection. dan in mobile alabama. not the thing that hangs above a baby baby's crib. >> caller: i wanted to talk about the people down here that
7:15 am
are talk about the voting right's act. there are people who are saying he should be voting for voting rights for people. >> stephanie: yeah what a disgrace clarence thomas sitting there knowing full well that he created this issue. >> if we have voting right's, we'll have a black president some day. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: peter writes about the gop deep decent into extreme -- if you are thinking is this different? yes, this is different. and he says as the hagel and sequester battles -- they are connected. the republican party has grown so extreme on taxes and foreign policy that reagan would now be
7:16 am
disqualified as a republican. today's republican party -- any member of congress who supports any tax increase may lose his or her primary to a tea party zealot. they defy reagan and look at -- like amnesty -- they don't support anything he did. there's more history i didn't even know that he points out in the daily beast, fine american that he is. the republicans senator flayed him for supporting the abolition of nuclear weapons. when republicans attacked hagel on being insufficiently hawkish on his bu la -- on iran
7:17 am
republicans accuse hagel of being insufficiently pro war, but reagan who never invaded a country bigger than granada -- >> and he has peace talks with the last secretary general of the soviet union. >> stephanie: on israel, reagan did things that would turn ted cruz's hair white. when a-pac launched a lobbying campaign to stop the sale reagan claimed -- reagan backed a underresolution condemning the jewish state. in august '82 after israel bombed beirut reagan called
7:18 am
israel's prime minister a man who's hands had -- family has largely perished at the hands of the nazis, he said this is a holocaust. >> oh. >> stephanie: what is considered proisrael in today's gop -- right wing activists demanded that they support a filibuster, something never done in a fight over secretary of defense -- >> i never thought i would say this, but i wish we can bring reagan back to life to give a talking to -- what the hell are you guys doing? >> zombie reagan. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: like lincoln. exactly.
7:19 am
[overlapping speakers] >> stephanie: this show has taken a dark turn. >> yeah. >> stephanie: seventeen minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: call the political party line now. 1-800-steph-1-2. add finish power up to boost your detergent and you'll see a huge difference. watch what it can do. look at that sparkle! now that's clean! cloudiness! spots! tough stains! even dishwasher build-up! gone! just like that! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow! see the difference! it's a must have!
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this show is about being up to
7:23 am
date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ ♪ and -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ every day ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ ♪ and -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- every day ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." twenty-1 minutes avenue the
7:24 am
hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. chad in florida you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, chad. >> caller: hey, how are you doing? >> are you a dimple chad -- >> stephanie: a hanging chad from florida. hi, chad. >> caller: hi, how is it going? i was just triing to figure out exactly what i wanted to ask, and i did want to ask what being liberal actually means versus conservative or whatever -- >> stephanie: means you are open-minded empathetic you should help over people, take care of the poor and the sick -- >> caller: yeah, i would agree with that definition however, when people listen to how i talk, i app patiently come off extremely conservative. being liberal would mean that you want to give to people which i thoroughly enjoy giving to people. i bought my nephew a brand new focus just this past christmas because he needs help.
7:25 am
>> stephanie: good for you. >> not everybody is like you. >> stephanie: had he lost his focus? >> no, actually he wrecked my first focus -- >> stephanie: you are rewarding bad behavior you are a liberal, aren't you? [ laughter ] >> caller: i don't know if i would call myself that. as far as liberal government i think -- it's line -- to me the one is like what it means to be liberal -- like it seems like black people, not to be making a racist comment -- >> stephanie: no. no. not to inject race in it but what about black people? >> caller: black people seem to be liberal. they seem to believe in big government or whatever. but aren't black people notorious for not wanting to tip. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: chad! >> wow! wow! >> stephanie: are you aware that the majority of people on food
7:26 am
stamps are white. >> caller: that's because 13% of this country is black, 83 is white. so obviously yes, there will be more people that are white on that. the but the percentage of black people on welfare is much higher. >> white people have kind of gotten a head start. >> caller: racism has definitely changed dramatically. >> stephanie: there are still people that call radio shows and say black people are bad tippers. >> caller: i used to deliver pizzas -- >> stephanie: so every black person is a bad tipper -- >> caller: most of them were. some of them were decent. i used to have a different feeling towards blacks than what i do now. i'm very much open-minded now. >> stephanie: clearly you are. clearly you have come a long way
7:27 am
chad. [ applause ] >> stephanie: okay. oh i'm a little winded. >> i think we need to hook him up with road flair mary. >> i'm guessing he never delivered any kosher pizzas anywhere. >> stephanie: okay. >> i'm not racist but -- >> stephanie: but. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: can i just say i have traveled with aisha tyler for sexy liberal, and we shared a car service, and i think she gave him a bag of cash. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: what? chad! >> wow. >> get me my ice tea. >> stephanie: you know i'm opened minded now, i have been to a restaurant -- >> and i want more ice tea. >> stephanie: black people barely eat food with implements and things. >> and they don't curse every chance they get. who knew! >> stephanie: okay. dee in virginia.
7:28 am
>> caller: being a black person i don't know -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i certainly hope you tipped travis before -- [ laughter ] >> caller: i remember leaving tips of 15 -- we gave a $20 tip one time. and now i forgot my point. >> stephanie: i know we frequently get winded by our own show. >> caller: what i wanted to say is i wanted to propose a congressional sit-in, a million people it issit-in in front of congress, to fine out why they are waging a war on the american people? and number 2, the other question is how do we recall the house republicans? >> stephanie: yeah, i -- don't you wish there was such a mechanism to just recall the entire house. >> yes. >> stephanie: all right. well according to our last caller, you need to move along and go get your food stamps now.
7:29 am
we appreciate you calling. all right, love you. phil in phoenix is white and a bad tipper. >> caller: this is the official drunken retired blimp mechanic. i'm a 58-year-old white guy liberal, and not only do i not tip, i dine and dash. >> stephanie: phil, you cheap bastard j bastard, stop it. >> hard to dash in a blimp though. >> stephanie: my 90-year-old republican mother, the worst tipper ever. we used to wait until she would leave to add more money. seriously we were always like mom -- she wouldn't want you to
7:30 am
leave anymore money either. i'm like no, just run along -- it was awful. >> 1% is -- is good enough. >> stephanie: in my day they would be grateful for that. >> in my day a car cost a quarter. >> stephanie: the coins had bumblebees on them. hello jay in california. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i just want to let some things off of my chest real fast about this -- why they don't want chuck hagel to be in his position because he is a republican, and all they wanted to do -- if he was a democratic all they wanted to do was bash bash, bash, and they can't do that because he's republican. two, the politics -- when obama said that he was going to change the politics, right now to me it's changed, that's why -- the media -- that's why they are
7:31 am
going against everything. because he done whooped on them already. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: they are done. and so now the politics with the media, now they don't want to give him his -- give him his props, because that's going to be a political win and everything changes, if they want talking about the success, all of the uncertainty, all of that other stuff is eliminated. >> stephanie: yeah, got ya. i got to read some of the gop cynical slob strategy. it exactly what the caller is saying. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: reba mcentire coming up as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> go ahead! (vo) current's award winning original series is back, with a world premiere episode. it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan.
7:32 am
i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
7:33 am
7:34 am
7:35 am
7:36 am
>> what i have learned is god takes care of drunks and fools and -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- is both. >> stephanie: she's trying to change the first part. >> stephanie: i'm all over the place these days. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. let's go to frank in florida. welcome. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i was wondering -- did you folks ever notice that boner and mcconnell never talk about what the people want lately? >> stephanie: right. because they know the people don't want what they want. exactly. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. thank you. that's interesting. they don't care what the people want, clearly. john in tulsa, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, there.
7:37 am
it's a shame you were talking about reagan earlier, this would be more appropriate there. when was the first time these budget deficits are going to put a burden on our children and our grandchildren. >> well -- >> stephanie: yeah, exactly. >> that sounds familiar. >> stephanie: oh no zombie reagan is back. >> ah! >> stephanie: let's go to donna in georgia. >> caller: i'm calling because i hear a lot of people say, i wonder why the republicans are doing what they are doing. why are they willing to ruin the whole national economy and all of that stuff. and every time i hear that it reminds me of a story my coworker told me. she is from alabama, and she said when the desegregation law was passed, the governing people in her little town, they decided -- rather than let though black children play in
7:38 am
the swimming pool, that they would fill it with cement. and it reminds me of these republicans, rather than share the nation's wealth and resources with the people they feel are undeserving, the 47%, black, brown, gay people they would rather fill the swimming pool with cement than share it. >> stephanie: that's a great and sad analogy. >> caller: it is sad, yes. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: we have an undate from our stoner listener. steph i'm watching the show today without being high and i do have to stay it's still funny. [ applause ] >> that's awesome. >> stephanie: reba mcentire joining us next. >> what! oh. >> stephanie: thirty-six minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: free speech? what a concept. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:39 am
going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
♪ >> announcer: ♪ do you remember when it was september ♪ ♪ changing our mind ♪ ♪ september chasing the clouds away ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." forty-one minutes after the hour. shhhh. nobody tell chely wright we're cheating on her. it's country music superstar, reba mcentire. >> good morning! >> stephanie: so nice to have you. >> nice to visit with you.
7:44 am
>> stephanie: you know obviously you -- we know you are a singer and you are really a great and hilarious actress. >> thanks. it all comes from the writers. you have to have great song writers, and great script writers to make you shine on stage. >> stephanie: not many people can do both to the degree you do. is there one you enjoy more? this new show you are doing abc's mallibu country. >> i love it because i get to sing on it too. so when you have the three elements in one package, that's a lot of fun. >> stephanie: you know when people say star of stage and screen, usually that's just a bunch of crap, but it is not with you.
7:45 am
i can only think of dolly parton who has done both like this. tell us about your new show. and it costars a good friend of mine, lily tomlin. >> isn't she wonderful. >> stephanie: yes, she is amazing. tell us about malibu country. >> it's a television show that we just finished our first season. so we have one in the can, so happy about that. one whole year, and it's a story about -- i play a country singer, married to a country singer, and i stayed home to raise our children, and he became a bigger star and i find out that he has been cheating on me with his back upsinger. >> stephanie: does that ever happen in country songs people cheating on each other >> maybe three times. and i always find out during the divorce proceedings that he has
7:46 am
bought this malibu party pad, so i decide to move my two kids and my momma out to malibu to restart my music career. >> stephanie: it's like a sitcom star is born or something. >> yeah, beverly hill billies too. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: blake shelton is starring as your brother tonight? >> yeah, when we started malibu country, i asked kelly clarkson and blake to be on the show with me. and they both said yes, and blake's calendar cleared before kelly's, and he plays my little brother on the show. he has given my son some really bad advice and just having fun, and one of those rivalry -- you love your brother, but you have a little rivalry going.
7:47 am
at attention from momma -- >> stephanie: right, and the bad advice involves your son is a virgin is revealed i understand. >> yes. >> stephanie: and who doesn't normally get bad advice about that. >> true. >> stephanie: and tilly tomlin is like the comedy legend of our generation, don't you think? >> she is and she is so deep, and she has different layers of characters that come out, so it's very interesting to get to work with her. >> stephanie: yes, i'm honored enough that she is my friend and even when she emails me it is hilarious. reba it is so nice to meet you. i'm going to tune in tonight 8:30 malibu country is the show.
7:48 am
reba mcentire that thank you so much. >> my pleasure. [ applause ] >> i worked in country music during her heyday and her music is just so awesome. >> stephanie: yeah. >> love it. >> stephanie: and i have heard that she is as nice as she just seemed. elizabeth in mobile alabama. >> caller: it's the progressives from alabama. >> both of you. >> stephanie: you are jamming up your phone line, both of you. >> caller: i was thinking when jesus comes back travis is going to be shocked when he turns out to be black. i hope he has a better tip for them then. >> stephanie: yeah, somebody was saying in our chat room maybe he got bad tips because he is a
7:49 am
douche. forty-six minutes after the hour -- what? >> we don't have to break. >> stephanie: why not? >> because we broke earlier remember? >> stephanie: are you here every day. oh, okay. marilyn in little rock. hello, marilyn. >> caller: hi stephanie, i had to call about these laws in arkansas. our legislator just overrode our governor's veto on these new abortion laws. there's going to be a lot of women [ inaudible ] down here. >> stephanie: oh yeah. >> caller: stephanie i had toxemia and i almost died. my doctor recommended i have no children, because i would die. these women are going to die. and they have passed a lot of
7:50 am
laws like the voter laws and laws about guns in churches. not god in the church guns in the church. >> stephanie: yeah. just when you thought the war on women is over. that was last election cycle. it's not. oh, by the by, the romneys have resurfaced. where have they been. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> we were on a roller coaster, but the ride ends and then you get off. >> stephanie: okay. yeah, i have missed him that was profound. >> okay. captain obvious. >> stephanie: is he going to start naming objects again. >> you are just the right height and then you are down low, and then you high again, and then you get off. >> stephanie: he is going to start naming objects again. roller coaster. >> stephanie: ann romney. >> in our church we're used to serving, and you can be in a
7:51 am
very high position, but cow recognize you are serving, and all of a sudden you are released and you are nobody, and we're used to that. >> doesn't sound like she is used to that. >> ann romney: stop it. >> stephanie: i really like it. oh, by the way this hour is brought to you byier this by therabreath. it's not that sicky sweet stuff. >> no. >> stephanie: available at target, wal-mart walgreens, and other fine stores. do you have commercials to play now? >> no. >> stephanie: i'm confused -- >> we're going all the way to the top of the hour. >> stephanie: oh for god's sake. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: we took the forty-four break early.
7:52 am
>> stephanie: this is the behind the scenes stuff we probably shouldn't be doing here. what? this is huge -- >> huge! [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: president obama on thursday urges supreme court to overturn california's same-sex marriage ban and turn a skeptical eye on the similar legislation. it marks the first time the united states president has weighed in on the right for gays and lesbians to wed. they establish homes and lives together, support each other financially, and provide care through illness and comfort at the moment of death. eric holder. >> this is really the latest civil rights issue. it's a question of whether or not american citizens are going to be treated with equal protection of the laws. >> stephanie: chad griffin said president obama and the solicitor general has taken
7:53 am
another historic step forward consistent with the great civil rights battles of our nation's history. [ applause ] >> stephanie: and 131 republicans have now signed the gay marriage brief, to which we say hurray again! [ applause ] [ ♪ patriotic music ♪ ] >> stephanie: that is nearly double the number of republicans who signed on earlier. and i speak as a straight ally. >> yeah, an alarming number of straight things. >> stephanie: i don't know what is happening. the nails? i don't know. cynics will stay [ inaudible ] elected officials inside the gaap, but [ inaudible ] represents as vital front in the gop civil war that is willing to engage in one of the great civil rights debates of our time.
7:54 am
[ applause ] >> maybe somebody got some testosterone gel in you hummus. >> stephanie: right. you know who else filed a friend of the court. chris kluwe, my boy. ♪ nah nah, nah, nah ♪ >> stephanie: he gave me a sparkle pony t-shirt. >> he did. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: did you see this nfl players were asked a seriouses of questions touched on sexual orientation, colorado tight end -- [ giggling ] >> stephanie: teams ask you are you married do you like girls? >> that's kind of illegal. >> stephanie: this from a sport that names people things like tight end and wide receiver.
7:55 am
>> that's illegal. >> stephanie: yeah, i know. this is another sad story, mississippi mayor, candidate found dead. first openly gay candidate found dead in the state. the case is being investigated as homicide. he was running for mayor. he may have been the first openly gay man to be a viable candidate for public office in mississippi. >> they are not saying it is foul play or anything -- >> stephanie: it is being investigated as a homicide -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: he was found dead next to a river -- >> i know. but they don't know if it had to do with his sexual orientation yet. >> stephanie: right. >> that's what i'm saying -- >> stephanie: just saying, sexual orientation, mississippi in the mix, you decide. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: the house of representatives passed the
7:56 am
violence against women act. a gop substitute bill that left out protections for lbgt people was rejected. ♪ hallelujah ♪ >> stephanie: let's go to bobby in jacksonville florida. >> caller: hey how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: a lot of times when i hear people talking about i should be able to own any kind of weapon i want to protect my second right amendment -- i mean second amendment right -- do you ever think that's really a mockery of the second amendment? i mean it's really an abuse of it. >> stephanie: how so? >> caller: well i mean -- our forphaters they never could have the foresight to see what kind of weapons we're going to have.
7:57 am
>> stephanie: right. that's true. yeah, that's the point everybody makes. they couldn't have imagined -- >> and it was for a well regulated militia to fight off any sour-tories. >> how are we doing that? >> i haven't housed any red coats in my garage for a long time. >> caller: i just wanted to make a comment about turtle mcconnell mcconnell's question about why are they there. good question. get them out of there. i think it was a stupid statement for him to make because we liberals and democrats are going, yeah? >> stephanie: sha. >> totally. >> stephanie: i'm cure
7:58 am
cure -- currently obsessed with the daily beast. they are doing this on purpose -- if you are asking -- yes, they are. he writes whatever happens this weekend establishes a watt earn you better get used to. this year will consist pretty entirely of one deadline after the other. the two sides can't agree, but at the bottom it is going to happen because republicans are perfectly happy to let it happen. one of these days barack obama is going to have to expose their strategy for what it is. he's honest about saying i'm not sure how you do that. but he says we have march 1st -- [♪ fun-facts music ♪] >> stephanie: march 1st that's today. next up march 28th. new continuing resolutions. and then april 18th they will
7:59 am
have to pass resolutions if they don't get their paychecks. something tells me they'll deal with that one. americans are getting more and more disgusted, and they are dragging the president down some with them. all of this will hurt republicans, they know this as long as it hurts obama too they don't care. republicans succeed if -- in obstructing the senate from doing its job, it will further lower congress's favorability rating, the party that is against government will come out the relative winner. that's what he is doing. it suits the long-term gop strategy to take some hits as long as obama is taking them too. gery
8:00 am
gery gery -- i hope we turn all of this on its ear. then start thinking about 2016 as long as we can gum up the works, then we can head into 16 in a strong position we'll say the country needs strong leadership. one of these days obama needs to force a showdown. >> yeah. >> stephanie: at some .1 of these deadlines is going to present him with an opportunity to say enough. >> i think we should throw the tea party into the harbor. >> stephanie: fifty-eight minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
8:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪]
8:02 am
>> stephanie: all right. hour number 3 tv world, we have representative mark takano coming up in just a moment, and representative eddie bernice johnson lots going on. congressionally speaking jacki schechner. >> yes. well not a lot going on congressionally speaking. >> stephanie: well, they are accomplishing a great deal of nothing. >> yeah it's sad though because you know the meeting at the white house today is some sort of weird photo up. it's a little cynical, i know but the expectation is nothing is going to come of it so why bother? mcconnell says it is just to discuss budget spending cuts in general. i do think it's extraordinary
8:03 am
that congress went home. >> stephanie: yeah, today? >> yes. they are gone for the weekend. >> stephanie: oh good. well they deserve that. >> yeah. >> stephanie: ick. jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. scott brown is hosting a fund raiser in boston tonight for chris christie. organizers of the fund raiser are asking for a maximum of $3,800 for christie's gubernatorial campaign this year, but it could indicate an early jump on an interest for chris christie for president in 2016. 212 congressional democrats signed signed the friend of the court
8:04 am
brief today. the brief says doma imposes a sweeping and unjustifiable disability on married same-sex couples. the supreme court will hear all arguments on doma on march 27th. ashley judd is going to speak at a forum on women's reproductive rights. tomorrow he's receiving an award for her humanitarian work in india. she is not likely to talk about the possibility of running for senate. but judd being in d.c. does spark conversation especially since she has already met with political donors in kentucky also both mcconnell's reelection campaign and karl rove's super pac have already gone after judd in a couple of online ads. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. ♪
8:05 am
it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move. save them. woolite everyday cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." happy friday. happy sequestration day everybody. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere., you can email us all there. sexy liberal comedy tour, april 13th. >> and this hour the "stephanie miller show" brought to you by the join them
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in a chat room to raise awareness of sclero-derma. read, and share information, and you can change the world for scleroderma parents. mark takano joins us now. it's getting to be old news now, gay members of congress. >> i know. we're such a dime a dozen these days. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i was talking about the president filing the amicus brief for the prop 8 case in doma. this is a big deal isn't it? >> it is a big deal for the participate of the united states
8:10 am
to put his prestige on this he speaks for all of the american people. and for him to say i speak for the american people, and we believe that proposition 8 should be unconstitutional, and that people in california ought to be allowed to be married and call themselves married. >> stephanie: there is always people as you know on both sides that whatever the president does it might not be enough. obviously some people are saying it doesn't go as far as some people wanted, but it seems like he is making the best argument in order to win, right? >> right. he's -- he's doing the best strategic argument that he can, and -- and in fact if -- if the brief that -- that they -- the argument in their brief is accepted by the court, it will go beyond california to several other states that have a similar situation, where they have
8:11 am
pretty much all of the practical effects of marriage but aren't allowed to indicate marriage. i mean this case will reach those residents of those other states as well. it is like -- you know, in the battle to -- to abolish slavery, it didn't happen in one fail swoop. it was several decades. from the founding of the country all the way to 1865 and even then the business wasn't finished so we're moving remarkably fast. martin luther king talked about there is such a thing of waiting too long. i'm eager for this to get done, because i know a lot of people are eager to be able to enjoy the benefits of marriage in their lifetime. >> stephanie: and martin luther king also said the arc of justice is long, but it always
8:12 am
bends towards justice. so they urged the supreme court to declare unconstitutional prop 8, but stopped short of explicitly endorsing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. that's what some people are saying is not enough. >> well in this particular case, the question -- the question before the court is whether to uphold the 9th circuit court of appeals reversal of prop 8. and there is the windsor case which goes to the defense of marriage act. and if the court rules in favor of the plaintiff there, it would essentially have federal recognition of the -- of -- all of the rights that go along with the federal rights of marriage would be attached to those people who are married in states where it is legal. these two cases would move marriage equality forward in
8:13 am
significant ways. so june -- look to june as a very significant month for -- for marriage equality things are likely to move very, very quickly, and i'm very optimistic and hopeful at this point. >> stephanie: and i thought -- what were we up to 131 republicans that have also signed this brief, which i think is also significant, right? >> right. well, the country has certainly moved. riverside county was a red county for 20 years, and voted quite heavily towards prop 8 but it also elected me. and if riverside county can be on the right side of history, so can the entire nation. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. >> and things happen in fits and starts, and we're -- we're in a moment -- i feel like -- you
8:14 am
know it's 1865 on the cusp of a major civil rights, and major break through for equality. 1964 another major break through for equality. 2012, a huge -- we're on any eve of major break through for equality. and that's what unites us as americans is a belief in the equality before the law. >> stephanie: right. interesting you mentioned 64, i don't know if you know my dad ran with barry goldwater in 64, but he also worked on civil rights legislation as a member of congress at the time. and barry goldwater was very openly pro gay rights in the '80s, and if you look at this brief with the republicans that's what i think. this is an issue now that has transcended partisan politics right? >> i think that's right. i think that it is becoming a bipartisan -- bipartisan agreement, and i think
8:15 am
it's -- we as -- who we are as americans is we believe in equality. that's just one of the prime, basic, fundamental things that unites us as a country. beyond race, beyond gender beyond religion everybody no matter their background what they enjoy is equality before the law. i think that's a very powerful idea. >> stephanie: and people are starting to quote dick cheney that freedom means freedom for everybody. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i mean it's true, right. he has a gay daughter, but it's like this is about freedom. these republicans are calling them pro-freedom republicans. >> it is about freedom. equality and freedom. i mean those two ideas go hand in hand together. and i -- i'm -- i come from a family of republicans as well and i'm one of the first democrats in my family, and this
8:16 am
is a huge -- a huge deal. i'm thinking -- oh you know -- you know -- this is funny. i find myself saying you know, among republicans, i meet a lot of republicans here on the hill and a lot of them have a lot of common sense but they are in the closet about it. [ laughter ] >> the violence against women act, we had a lot of republicans join on that, and that was the only way we could pass it but common sense came out of the closet yesterday. and out of the closet and into -- before the supreme court. >> stephanie: i got to tell you, that is progress. you can be out of the closet if you are gay now, but you need to stay in the closet if you are reasonable if you are a republican. >> that's right.
8:17 am
we're in a crazy situation where republicans have to worry about standing up for common sense. >> stephanie: yeah. >> but they face these primaries, but before their general electorate -- the violence against women act was too common sense call -- this is going to kill a lot of them in general elections -- >> stephanie: they are the ones that have to worry about getting tea bagged. it is extraordinary. >> right. the crazy primary will kill them, but before the general election, it's like the face -- all of the voters you know, they are going to be judged on common sense, and this is -- gay marriage is becoming a common sense -- of course we believe in equality and of course this is the humane and right thing to do. and so you know -- >> stephanie: representative what is your take on what is going to happen later this month
8:18 am
at the supreme court? >> with the supreme court or -- >> stephanie: yeah, i mean end of march, right that we -- we have to hear the first arguments, isn't it? >> they are going to go through the arguments, but i'm more concerned about what happens in june -- >> stephanie: obviously i'm talking about when they start -- the outcome of course in june. >> the outcome -- justice kennedy has always had the reputation on matters of equality he is a libertarian in a lot of ways and i think he is the justice that people are looking toward in history in deciding cases in colorado and other places that he is likely to be a vote that will join the other four justices and bring at least a 5-4. there is hope that even the chief justice might be something that -- and i got to say that -- we're -- this is an historic moment for the court. >> stephanie: yeah. >> it is analogous to when --
8:19 am
>> stephanie: it is a right or wrong side of history moment, isn't it? >> that's right. that's right. and i think justice roberts has that view of history -- >> stephanie: and he came out of the closet with his reasonableness on health care so there is hope right? >> he did. because you are not just judged you are on the court now -- you are going to be judged by history, and, you know, people -- you know the members of congress and the house who voted for -- in 1865 -- i watched "lincoln," and it was very interesting to see those numbers rise to the occasion and stand up for what was right. americans have an uncanny way of rising on occasion, and i'm hoping the members of the court -- they cannot resist the powerful, powerful ideas of freedom and equality.
8:20 am
>> stephanie: an idea who's time has come. representative what is your bet on whether judge scalia is going to say something horrible and homophobic. [ laughter ] >> don't put him on the spot. >> i hope for the best in people. i come to congress with the best of motivations, and i'll just say a little prayer for the judge. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: oh, that was so diplomatic. representative mark takano, great state of california. thanks so much congressman. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> stephanie: bless his heart. that but precious. say a little prayer for justice scalia. >> he was also the very first openly gay minority member of congress. >> stephanie: i got to hang out
8:21 am
with tammy baldwin, and her sexual orientation is not even an issue anymore. >> that's right >> announcer: making right-wing whackos everywhere hurl. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury! a closer shave in a single stroke for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get. hey, i'm joey aragon. see that film? people call me about this every day. my dishwasher must be broken.
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scalia. it's the "stephanie miller
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>> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. ♪ ♪ you got the right stuff -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ love the way you turn me on ♪ ♪ you've got the right stuff -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- the reason why i sing this song ♪ >> he is feeling the need for speed? >> stephanie: yeah. yeah. sorry jim and i were having a
8:26 am
little recycling scuffle. >> she is putting the paper waste in the garbage! [♪ dramatic music ♪] [ screaming ] >> stephanie: everything is fine now. everybody settle. everybody gentle down. >> blue means recycle. >> stephanie: i got it. i had it on the wrong side. it's fine now. i am so thinly stretched right now, don't touch me. [ laughter ] >> maybe that's why you can't fine anybody? you keep saying don't touch me. >> another great opening line on a first date. >> shut your pie hole. what is the source of all evil? facebook. >> stephanie: yes. >> i'm so sick of facebook. what can i do? >> the first thing you can do is grow a pair, because you are
8:27 am
going to need them for face bagger. >> what is face bagger? >> face bagger is the new social networking sight with tee taggers in mind. you can start conversation about things that you care about. >> face bagger is something all together different. you just got people like us and guns. >> the south will rise again just like my homemade bread and the baby jesus. >> the state of entertainment. >> who needs them hollywood liberals, with face bagger we can get together and make our own movies. >> we know all about your fragile and limited sensibilities and your tired strawman arguments. that's why we have developed a safe haven for you, face bagger. all you need to do is sign up and pick a user name.
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please note john gulf 1 through 99999999 have already been taken. face bagger, your only destination on the intertube. face bagger. >> john gulf four. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you kenny pick. we all magically hate karl rove together now. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> we do. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: karl rove defended his effort to find more electable republican candidates. in u.s. senate races saying his posterior was shredded a little bit. shredded his posterior a little bit, that would take some time.
8:29 am
[ laughter ] [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: okay. oh tubby i kid. there is a great piece in the new yorker. this is an interesting thing, the republican nominees in five of the past six presidential elections have disappeared from the face of the earth. not literally of course, but all of them are gone from the political scene absent at conventions, even the most recent inauguration. it reflects a fundamental problem with the contemporary republican party. and all of ours are very front and center. >> that's right. >> stephanie: although mitt romney did just resurface with some more profound thoughts. >> romney: we were on a roller coaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs, but then the ride ends, and then you get off.
8:30 am
[ applause ] >> captain obvious. >> stephanie: pancakes and treese and other things -- i like roller coasters. >> are those from the seven eleven bakery? >> stephanie: al in buffalo, welcome. >> caller: hey wouldn't it be practice for those in the movie industry to step up and advocate for the war and middle income folks. if folks don't have disposable income aren't they more likely to go to the movie? i haven't heard from harvey weinstein. >> stephanie: what do you mean? >> caller: the campaign is not over, and i don't hear enough people out there cam paigncampaigning. because the republicans will do anything to basically break the
8:31 am
will of the american people even if it means to destroy the u.s. economy. >> stephanie: but i'm confused -- what is harvey weinstein supposed to do about the economy? >> caller: i think they can throw money into campaigns -- put ads out there to expose the republicans for what they are. >> stephanie: all right. now that he has heard that. i'm sure he will get right on that. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] >> stephanie: talking to you, harvey. >> you have a direct line to harvey weinstein? >> stephanie: uh-huh. t-bone put in my call. i have a sag card. >> does that count? it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan.
8:32 am
i'm all for that. at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move.
8:33 am
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8:36 am
>> you think entertainment and raunchy jokes will never be as popular as -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ >> uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. the president will speak live in just a little bit. in the meantime, eddie bernice johnson joins us from great state of texas. good morning. >> good morning. >> stephanie: the president doesn't have good news does he? >> not yet. >> stephanie: let's talk about this sequestration. you were on the science base and technology committee, the ranking democrat. let's talk about that for a minute. how it will affect this country's science innovation
8:37 am
funding, all of that stuff. >> of course we consider what we do on the science committee the future planning, what we try to fund the research to look out for what happens in our future so when we cut all of the funds that are slated to be cut with the sequester, we're actually closing the door on our future. at the very time when we have already cut more research funding than almost any other major country in the world, and we're just slipping further behind. we have slipped behind in educating our young people. these educational cuts would even make that worse. i just can't think of a more dismal future if we can't look out for our future now. we know cuts must come but we must be sensible enough to look out for our future and we can
8:38 am
only do this by investing in education and research. >> stephanie: i think honestly we're all sort of just exhausted with this whole process. what does happen now? this obviously is going to go into effect. how do you see this playing out? >> well, it's a roll out. it won't be a jump off the cliff today, but it is beginning today. and by the end of march when the debt ceiling comes again, it will even be worse, and if we don't start to address it before the next paychecks are due, we will see a number of people without jobs and it won't be just federal jobs this time. it will be federal related jobs. for example our defense plans. we have lockheed martin a large defense contractor who might have to layoff several thousand people.
8:39 am
>> wow. that will be a big hit to the economy. >> stephanie: representative i read a couple of pieces today from the "daily beast," it couldn't be clearer to people that this is what republicans want. it does not matter what hurts the country. how do you deal with that? >> that's exactly what we're having to deal with, but what we don't understand is why they think this hurts the president. it does not hurt the president. the white house budget will be a little different. you know it hurts the nation. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and it's unfortunate that people dislike one individual so much that they want to hurt the president. the thing that will hurt the president is -- is perhaps his leadership and his thoughts, but it's going to hurt this nation, the end result is that young people don't get educated. we don't look out for our
8:40 am
future. we don't have a defense. we don't have the training. so it doesn't even debate until after the afghan war. we cannot function as a normal country under these circumstancescircumstance circumstances. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and if anybody thinks this hurts the president, you have to check out who will be losing their jobs. >> stephanie: yes, they think they have this all figured out, they are going to hurt the president and chris christie is going to get elected. and i just hope we prove them wrong. look at how all of these voter suppression issues -- they backfired. >> that's true. the political need for some of the conservatives to make this country back to the medieval
8:41 am
times has gone beyond reason. because it will be some of the same people that will be nurthurt in this. and i guess it protects their future if they make sure no women or minorityies get elected. >> stephanie: we were talking about guess where tornados hit, red states and there will be no warning. representative the president is speaking, so we're going to cut away. thank you representative. >> thank you. >> stephanie: here is the president. >> obama: to set it right both sides need to comepromise. the good news is the american people are strong and resilient.
8:42 am
they have fought hard to recover from this crisis and we will continue to make sure we keep the recover going. but washington sure isn't making it easy. when your businesses have finally begun to get traction hiring new workers, bringing jobs back to america, we shouldn't be making arbitrary cuts to things that businesses and workers count on. it's unnecessary, and at a time when too many americans are still looking for work it's inexcusable. now what is important to understand is that not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts right away. the pain will be real. beginning this week, many middle class families will have their lives disrupted in significant ways. businesses that work with the
8:43 am
military, like the virginia ship builder that i visited on tuesday, may have to lay folks off. communities near military bases will take a serious blow. hundreds of thousands of americans who serve their country, border patrol, fine civilians who work at the pentagon all will suffer significant pay cuts and furloughs. all of this will cause a ripple effect throughout our economy. layoffs and pay cuts means people have less money in their pockets, and less money to spending at local businesses. the longer these cuts remain in place, the greater the damage to our economy. so economists are estimating that we could see growth cut by over one-half of 1%.
8:44 am
it will cost about 750,000 jobs at a time when we should be growing jobs more quickly, so every time we get a piece of economic news over the next month, next two months, next six months, as long as the sequester is in place, we'll know that economic news could have been better if congress had not failed to act. let's be clear. none of this is necessary. it's happening because of a choice that republicans in congress have made. >> uh-huh. >> obama: they have aloud these cuts to happen because they refuse to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help reduce the deficit. as recently as yesterday, they decided to protect special interests tax breaks for the well off and well connected, and they think that that is apparently more important than protecting our military or middle class families from the pain of these cuts.
8:45 am
i do believe we can and must replace these cuts with a more balanced approach that adds something for everybody, smart spending cuts, tax reform that makes the tax code more fair for families and businesses without raising tax rates. also that we can responsibly lower the deficit, without laying off workers or forcing parents to scramble for child care, or slashing financial aid for college students. i don't think that's too much to ask. it's the kind of approach that i have proposed for two years. it's what i ran on last year. the majority of the american people agree with me in this approach, including, a majority of republicans. >> stephanie: snap. >> obama: we just need republicans in congress to catch up with their own party, and if they did so, we could make a lot of progress. i do know there are republicans in congress who privately at least say they would rather
8:46 am
close tax loopholes than let these cut goes through. i know there are democrats who would rather do smart entitlement reform than let these cut goes through. but it's a silent group right now, and we want to make sure that their voices start getting heard. in the coming days and weeks, i'm going to keep on reaching out to them both individually and as groups of senator or members of the house and say to them, let's fix this. not just for month or two but for years to come because the greatest nation on earth does not conduct itself business in month-to-month increments, and america has a lot more work to do. in the meantime we can't let political gridlock around the budget stand in the way of other
8:47 am
areas. i was pleased that the house passed the violence against women act yesterday. that is a big win for women, families, and the american people. it will save lives and help more americans live free from fear. it is something we have been pushing on for a long time. and it's an example of how we can still get some important bipartisan legislation through this congress even though there are still these fiscal arguments taking place. i will continue to push for initiatives. i'm going to keep pushing for high-quality preschool for every family that wants it. i'm going to keep pushing to make sure we raise the minimum wage, immigration reform, and reform of our voting systems, and improvements on our transportation sector, and keep pushing for sensible gun reforms, because i still think they deserve a vote.
8:48 am
this is the agenda the american people voted for. these are american's prior advertise. and i'm going to keep pushing to make sure that we see them through. with that i'm going to take some questions. >> the obama-quester. >> stephanie: boner looks really drunk. >> google eyes. >> stephanie: yeah, like if you shook him they would go la la la, la. okay. forty-six minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the station from the hand basket to hell leaves from. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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♪ i don't know what you done to me, but i know this much is true ♪ >> announcer: ♪ i want to do bad things with you ♪ >> stephanie: oh yeah. fifty-one minutes after the hour. jim ward i just got a text from hot brie melissa fitzgerald. >> oh, really? >> stephanie: she just did her last poll trick. she is moving to my neck of the woods tomorrow. and then monday she'll be right there in studio to torture jim. maybe she'll bring her pole. >> well -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: jim ward. >> you set me up for that. >> stephanie: he bit on that and chewed it like a raw hide.
8:54 am
so by the by we talked about the i loved your boobs song from the oscars. >> jane fonda has become this hard line christian -- >> stephanie: oh, has she really? maybe it's me i'm not a proper woman of any kind. i thought it was funny. >> she's a hard core feminist of the gloria steiner variety. >> stephanie: yeah. lena dunham was offended as well. >> she shouldn't be on fended by anything. >> yeah. she shows her boobs in every episode of "girls." >> stephanie: yeah jane fonda said why not list all of the penises we have seen. better yet remember this is a telecast watched my families
8:55 am
around the world -- jennifer lawrence said i loved the boob song. i'm old but immature. [ farting sounds ] >> somebody put a parody song on the internet, we saw your junk. >> stephanie: julie in see at says momma you know i have no permanent stick up my ass, but i thought it was inappropriate in that kind of venue. obviously the boob song is funny. funny any day on your show or other come immediatic venue, that's not the point. it's not supposed to be a lampoon night that demeans -- >> david [ inaudible ] has a -- >> stephanie: and billy crystal dade whole lot of borderline offensive stuff -- >> yeah it's -- >> stephanie: shoving it on
8:56 am
[ inaudible ] tacky and sessionist -- >> oh, come on. >> now i have to go all think of the children on your ass. this includes maybe young girls aspiring to become great actresses, and this means you have to show us your [ censor bleep ] >> not necessarily. >> stephanie: everybody just calm down. tom cruise has just had siri flown to london on a private jet as you do. you were saying katie looks better than ever. >> yes. she was at a nick's game. and she looked happy. >> stephanie: that's not a smile.
8:57 am
it's it's it's it's grimace . >> stephanie: girls gone wild has gone bankrupt. moderately whacky -- >> now they are just girls are low self est teem. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: oh, my god that is the only thing you have ever contributed to this show. >> that's actually a line from arrested development. >> stephanie: you are a total thief. >> am. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: so shawn didty and mark wahlberg are selling water that promises to cure hour hangover.
8:58 am
aqua hydrate. >> it's wet water. >> stephanie: exactly. >> don't trust the stuff that comes out of your tap. >> stephanie: it's for -- what am i thinking of -- who is the -- >> are you okay? >> stephanie: yes, the blind deaf -- >> hellen keller. [ applause ] >> stephanie: yes! >> you needed a water weanny with that one. >> you [ inaudible ]. >> stephanie: jeff louise ward! >> it's a very old joke. >> stephanie: i said the famous smoking lady died and i said of what and he said a broken heart? >> she died of cancer. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: we know. but i asked -- >> it seems like you don't have to ask -- >> stephanie: okay. fine. okay. athey announced they will be the
8:59 am
new faces of this bottle brand at a press conference in beverly hills. he was i was up at a party until 4:00 am, and look at how refreshed i like. and mark wahlberg said but you forgot to mention the important part, it allowed you to drink vodka all night. >> oh, no. >> stephanie: gary in connecticut you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, gary. >> caller: i wanted to wish everybody a happy sequester weekend -- >> stephanie: you too! >> caller: after that killjoy by the president he makes it sound all serious -- >> stephanie: he is harshing our sequestration buzz. >> yeah the republicans have gone home for a three-day weekend. the republicans are home


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